Today is my 29th birthday and I'm filled with love and gratitude for the wonderful people in my life! I am truly blessed! Moving forward I'm going to take DEEP (Donnie Evege Empowering People) and add another acronym, Document Every Experience Possible.  Blogging and vlogging my life, and showcasing the awesome people in my life.

I spent several hours earlier today at Barnes & Noble.  Met with a young aspiring man who wants to make a difference in the world and be a bright light to others. His name is Jessie and here's a clip of our conversation.  

I hope you can take something away from our conversation and apply it to your life.

This lovely lady, Ms Jogi just came by and asked if I'd like a $1 off of a Starbucks drink here at Barnes & Noble...I thanked her and as we started talking I found out she's a Buckeye fan which led to us talking about her hometown Buckeye, Nathan Williams and my Coach, Jim Tressel. She's a lovely lady with kind spirit. Small, kind gestures can lead to nice conversations and new friendships. Her act of kindness was a memorable birthday gift! Thanks Jogi 



And my Starbucks friend, Cheyanne gave me a free Starbucks drink for my Birthday : )  Thanks Cheyanne!