"We had a dynamic speaker, Donnie Evege. If you can get him for your events, bring him in! Empowering, insightful, intuitive and powerful. These kids were glued every minute, and left with a message. Thank you Donnie!"

Captain's Leadership Summit

-Dr. James Klosterman-

20 years orthopedic surgeon sports medicine physician 

Team physician for the University of Dayton

Orthopedic consultant to 20 area high schools in Dayton Ohio

Tyler Haines

Urbana University Head Football Coach

Two Part School Assembly for 7th Graders & 8th Graders

Brent Carey

Principal at Weisenborn Junior High School

Justin McCollum

Assistant Principal at Weisborn Middle School

"We invited Donnie Evege to come in and do a motivational conversation with our staff. We had about 200 people here. It was very well received. We are glad he showed up, and I would highly recommend that you take a look at him!  The message that Donnie had for us was to set goals. There will be adversity in trying to reach those goals. To stay focused on attaining those things. Keep those things in front of you and focus on the future.

Craig Penno

CEO of Dayton Gastroenterology

Employee Education Day

"Donnie was referred to us by someone else in the Health Care industry, and we had a pre-meeting with Donnie. He met with our Executive Team, connected with us, got us all excited and pumped up for the actual meeting today which was extremely well received! We just wrapped up and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback thus far. Very inspirational and uplifting. We started at 7:00 this morning and he had everyone engaged so he was fabulous!

Courtney Bain

Project Development Manager at Dayton Gastroenterology

"I had the special chance to listen to Donnie Evege speak. He's a ver passionate speaker and very knowledgable. He's going to impact the world and make change!"

Fall Captain's Leadership Summit

Norris Cole

2xNBA World Champion Miami Heat

Cleveland State University Graduate

Dayton Dunbar  High School

"The powerful message that he brought in to our student athletes was incredible! He brought real life experience. He brought solutions. He kept their attention. I would recommend him to any Junior college, any Division 2, Division 3, and the Division 1 colleges to hear this message! This was a powerful message on the transition of being an athlete to the private or public sector."

Jeff Price

Athletic Director at Sinclair Community College

                                                                            Head Basketball Coach (15 years)

Jeff Graham

Head Football Coach for Trotwood Madison High School

Former Ohio State and NFL Player

We had Mr. Donnie Ray Evege come give a motivational speech to our kids and it was great. The kids loved it! It underscored everything we do as part of our cognitive behavioral program. I would highly recommend Donnie come speak to your group.

Mike Higgins

Director at the Miami Valley Juvenile Rehabilitation Center

"He did an excellent job, dynamic speaker! Talked about issues that hit right on the button with our guys here at Marshall, and I think it's definitely needed not only here, but around the world!" 

-Pepe Pearson-

Running Backs Coach, Marshall University

Jeff Berk

Huber Heights Wayne High School Principal

Former Offensive Lineman at West Virginia University

Paula Grainger

Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator

Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence

"Donnie did an outstanding job with our guys today, he had our guy's attention which is the number 1 key...he'll be an outstanding motivational speaker and have a huge impact on the young men and women throughout this nation."

"I know Eric Thomas is a phenomenal speaker right now but I think Donnie is heading in the same tracks with him."

-Maurice Douglass-

Former 12 Year NFL Player

State Champion Head Football Coach

Springfield High School Head Coach

Shane Wellman

Head Football Coach at Parkway High School (Rockford OH)

"We had a great, outstanding speaker! Donnie Evege came and spoke to us and talked to our kids about Plan B's and taking care of the Intangibles, The Things You Can Control."

-Keith Rucker-

Former 7 Year NFL Player, NCAA Track & Field National Champion & All American,

Former Football Coach at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Founder of "Reach 4 The Sky" Youth Foundation